Tableware since 1825

Consulting :

ARC B2B provides you the best advice on:

  • Product selection
  • Full product design service
  • Manufacturing process assessments
  • Decoration options
  • Logistical solutions
  • Costing proposals

From the manufacturing of products, the creation of designs, the design of decorations, and our packaging know-how, all our processes have an innovative edge.

The innovation which we make available to you is driven by our technological expertise in glassware development, and many decades of service to global business to business clients.

Materials :

Our engineers and scientists have developed many proprietary, cutting edge materials including: Kwarx®/Zenix®/Diamax®.

  • Kwarx®
  • Zenix®
  • Diamax®
  • Vitroceramic glass
  • Flourosilicate glass