Tableware since 1825

Specialties and Technical Processes

Glass itself is a unique material, which can be molded, stretched, patterned and manipulated in many ways…relying only on the skill and know-how of the glassmaker. Arc is a world leader in glass manufacturing, so you can be sure that every available technical advancement is at your service.

  • Clear glass
  • Specialty glass (see materials section)
  • Sheer-rim technology
  • Embossed molding
  • Stem stretching
  • Stringent control of product dimensions
  • Tempering


Diamax is a revolutionary new material developed by Arc International research labs. This new material is highly resistant to everyday accidents and its brilliance withstands daily machine washes. It is also respectful of the environment thanks to the purity of its composition without any heavy metals.

 It is the fruit of 3 years of intensive research, advanced testing and fine-tuning by a team of fifty engineers and researchers working in a company with more than 180 years’ experience in the highest quality glassmaking technology. And last, but not least, it is modestly priced.



Pure. Kwarx has an exceptional decolorization effect. It does not modify the color of the content, but gives way so that each wine’s chromatic range can find full expression.

 Bright. Kwarx retains its exceptional luster wash after wash - tested in the laboratory after more than 2,000 industrial washes,

 Strong. Kwarx provides maximum solidity due to a tight, invisible bond between the foot and the gob, resulting in a perfectly smooth surface without any weak points. Kwarx is one of the most resistant glass products on the market.



images Arc International’s research center has developed a new mineral material with outstanding properties so that our customers no longer need to choose between beauty and durability.

High Shock Resistance. Zenix is created from the high temperature fusion of mineral raw materials, reinforced with alumina, which gives it a remarkable mechanical strength. This is why Zenix tableware is up to 3 times more resistant to shocks and chipping than porcelain.

High Scratch Resistance. Zenix has a perfectly smooth and non-porous reinforced surface. When stainless steel cutlery may leave marks on the hardest porcelains and scratch softer ones, it simply slides over Zenix without leaving the slightest trace. Plates made of Zenix keep their brand-new appearance day after day, wash after wash (300 domestic dishwasher cycles and 2,000 industrial cycles).
Perfect Finish. Zenix is the result of an innovative production process in which every article is carefully monitored and crafted from start to finish. Combined with this innovation, the homogenous nature of Zenix offers the plates a silky touch on both sides.