Tableware since 1825


Our Policy: Attract Customers and obtain their loyalty by offering high quality products and services

Our quality approach begins with a survey of market needs and the promotion of our brands. Quality is also a daily experience for consumers whether in their home or in restaurant.
Once sold, products undergo particularly harsh conditions (dishwashers, aggressive chemical products, mechanical and thermal shocks, among others).

The Group makes all of its employees aware of the need to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. Process monitoring and continual improvements allow us to achieve these goals. From initial product design through manufacture and up to delivery we set up organisations, methods and tools for controlling quality which are based on inspection technologies.

Our suppliers and subcontractors are also involved in quality control so that the whole supply chain efficiently satisfies our customers. The quality department coordinates all of these actions within a quality management system based on the international ISO 9001 standard, version 2008.